Carmen has been known at her school for fucking the teachers. She mostly do that go get good grades in return though so it was quite surprising to see her fuck a student this time without getting anything in return. She did it just for fun!


She gets him warmed up by giving him a nice blowjob in the classroom. When he's satisfied he pulls down her panties and shoves his throbbing penis into her wet cunt and fucks her on her desk. Both of them gets completely naked and they have sex in the teachers chair. Hopefully no one will walk in on them!















































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Carmen and Sara loves to play together in bed. This particular day they wanted to spice things up a bit so they brought in a mutual male friend of theirs for a FFM threesome.


They kinda took him by surprise as they tied him to the bedpost while he was still asleep. It was a nice surprise to wake up to though as they immediately gave him a double blowjob. Twice as nice! They untied him at last and let him take turns pounding their shaved vaginas while they occupied themselves with exchanging cunilingus.






















































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Immoral Live Tube Clip

Oct 09, 2013

9 fucking minutes of live show groupsex!



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Just some softcore pictures from this scene to get you started. Unfortunately they have stopped doing screencaps from their scenes but I have a 9 minute long video for you next week that I'm sure you'll enjoy! So bookmark the blog if you haven't already and check back soon! In the mean time you can enjoy some fine teen porn pics.


Carmen poses in a tight blue dress and reveals that she ain't wearing any underwear.















See the hardcore video here!

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